Grant Information

Since 2007, GBERBA has brought over $6 Million to Southern Minnesota! This page contains information about current GBERBA funding available for conservation practices and activities in the Greater Blue Earth River Basin.


CWP – 2015 – Conservation Drainage Partnership (Side-Inlets and Other BMPs)

Funding to repair or replace failing side-inlet structures on open-drainage ditches with an alternative, water quality side-inlet structure. Also includes funding additional funding for other conservation drainage BMPs.
EXPIRATION DATE: June 30, 2018
Grant Policy
Cost-Share Contract 
Voucher and Practice Certification Form
See the Drainage Resources page HERE for the drainage calculator.

*Note, the activities of this grant are similar to the 319 Conservation Drainage Partnership Grant below. This Quick Guide was developed to illustrate the differences and similarities of the grants. Consult with the GBERBA Coordinators to determine which grant fund best suits your project.

319 – 2016 – Conservation Drainage Partnership (Side-Inlets)

Funding to repair or replace failing side-inlet structures on open-drainage ditches with an alternative, water quality side-inlet structure.
*See above for additional details
EXPIRATION DATE: August 31, 2019
Grant Policy
**See above for Cost-Share Contract (same as CWP-2015-Conservation Drainage Partnership)
***See above for Voucher and Practice Certification Form

319 – 2016 – TMDL Implementation (Alternative Tile Intakes & Cover Crops)

Funding for alternative tile intakes (e.g. rock intakes, dense pattern tile, intake covers) and cover crops
EXPIRATION DATE: August 1, 2020
Grant Policy
Rapid Phosphorus Index
*See BWSR website for cost-share contract and voucher forms.

CWF – 2017 – Multipurpose Drainage Management

Funding to install BMPs to reduce erosion and sedimentation, reduce peak flows and flooding, and improve water quality while protecting drainage system efficiency and reducing drainage system maintenance for priority Chapter 103E drainage systems within the County-wide area of the 10 GBERBA member counties (excluding areas managed by Watershed Districts).
EXPIRATION DATE: December 31, 2019
Grant Policy
*See BWSR website for cost-share contract and voucher forms.

Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program (MAWQCP)

GBERBA administers the MAWQCP, or Certainty Program, locally for the counties in southwest and south central Minnesota. In 2015, the Board of Water and Soil Resources provided an initial $6,000.00 to each SWCD to promote and implement the program locally. Additional funding is now available for local SWCDs to work on the program with local agricultural producers. Incentives are also available for agricultural producers going through the program.

Additional funding for SWCDs to implement the Certainty Program

Upon request, GBERBA provides Technical Service Areas 5 and 6 with funds in $6,000.00 increments. The following policy outlines the process for requesting and receiving funds.
Grant Policy – Additional Funding for SWCDs
Additional $6000 for Districts – Contract & Voucher – FIRST TIME REQUEST
Completion Report – SWCD Additional Technical Funding
Additional $6000 for Districts – Contract & Voucher – ADDITIONAL REQUESTS (use this form for subsequent requests from GBERBA)

Incentives for Agricultural Producers Seeking Certification

Incentives are available for agricultural producers who complete the MAWQCP assessment process and/or attain certification through the Certainty Program. To request incentive payments for your producers, complete and submit the following voucher to your Area Certification Specialist:
Worksheet Incentive Voucher

Agricultural producers actively seeking certification through the MAWQCP are also eligible to receive 2 free water quality tile intake covers. The following policy outlines the process for obtaining those intakes:
Policy – Water Quality Inlets for Land Owners/Operators

Minnesota Department of Agriculture Cost-Share

Additional cost-share of up to $5,000.00 is available for agricultural producers working through the Certainty Program. Consult your Area Certification Specialist to apply for these funds.